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Continuing Education for Practitioners

Acupuncturists | Chiropractors | Physical Therapists

In-person seminars, on-demand webinars and online courses

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Clinically focused education

Clear and concise classes

More patient referrals

In-person and on-demand classes

Clinically applicable skills

Highly experienced instructors

Quick return on investment

Specialize in what you love to treat

ASE Seminars provides premium clinical education in the specialties of EXSTORE, Pelvic Floor Acupuncture, Trigger Point Dry Needling, and Obstetrics. You will experience improved clinical outcomes, increased confidence, and more patient referrals after taking our in-person seminars and on-demand classes.

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Steffi Koerner, L.Ac.

"At the EXSTORE seminar I learned very valuable, highly effective diagnostic and therapeutic skills for the treatment of MSK issues. My confidence increased exponentially and my schedule was at capacity less than six months after the seminar. EXSTORE literally gave my office a "jump start" and I continue to attend ASE seminars...THANK YOU!"
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